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Cleveland, Charleston, McDonald, Georgetown, Benton, Athens, Calhoun, Buck's Pocket, Caney Creek, Riceville, , Tasso, Old Field, and Southeast Tennessee

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Live!  Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. EST on WOOPFM 99.9 or www.woopfn.com

"Where history is never forgotten!"

"It's Home" Memories of the Ducktown Basin

A documentary about life in the Basin

Next showing: Sunday, May 22nd @ 2 pm First Baptist Chruch in Benton

Free to the public. 58 minute film. For more infromation click here

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     Old Town Cleveland is a weekly talk show about the people, places and things that shaped Cleveland, Bradley County, and Southeast Tennessee. Tune in every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. EST at WOOP FM 99.9 or www.woopfm.com.

     Each week, Ron & Debbie Moore with a special guest or guests discuss the history of Southeast Tennessee. A few of the topics we have discussed: 

  • Dirt track racing
  • Old local resturants
  • The filming of Wild River
  • The bombing of Pearl Harbor
  • "Things your moma told you not to do" (dance halls & honky tonks and bootleggers)
  • Local graveyards

Tune in each week for a fun and informative show!

To order the Caney Creek DVD and/or the Caney Creek Book click here.....

Caney Creek Village Documentary

      Twenty one year old Will Moore, along with his parents Ron and Debbie have made a 45 minute documentary about Caney Creek Village.  The village was located near Ocoee Powerhouse #2 on the Ocoee River in Polk County, Tennessee.  The workers of the powerhouse and flume line lived in the isolated mountains but had electricity, concrete sidewalks and indoor plumbing.  The village had no roads or cars but had a trolley, hotel, school and a tennis court.  Six former residents were interview to tell the story of Caney Creek Village.  The documentary was written and narrated by Debbie Moore, filmed by Will Moore and edited by Ron Moore.  Original music was written and played by John Cook.

 The History of Caney Creek Documentary and Book won an Award of Distinction from the East Tennessee Historical Society.

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